Customer CARES

CARES Hotline: 888-WN-CARES

One of the most important keys to the operation of a property is the establishment of a good resident relations program. In 1998, our Customer CARES Program was established so that we can ensure that our residents have the ability to communicate openly and thoroughly about positive and negative issues at their communities. It's our belief that it's the management company's responsibility to have satisfied residents. Maintaining open lines of communication and responding to their needs in a timely manner can only accomplish this. Our Customer CARES Program does this.

Resident Comment Line 1-888-WN-Cares

The Customer CARES program consists of three primary components:

  • Customer CARES Hotline
  • Annual Satisfaction Surveys
  • Resident Feedback Program

The CARES hotline provides residents with an opportunity to voice their compliments or concerns. The information from the Customer CARES Hotline is transferred to the regional directors and area managers so they can assist that resident in a timely manner. Our Customer CARES Program also surveys each resident on an annual basis and provides a variety of comments cards to allow for consistent feedback throughout the entire year. With this information, we're able to benchmark how well we're doing in our Customer Satisfaction Index, as well as utilizing numerous control questions so we can compare ourselves with the CEL Survey.

You can reach the Customer Cares line by calling 888-962-2737